Chemical Allergies


The Air You Breathe, The Water You Bathe In & The Food You Eat. I am actually allergic to a boatload of chemicals. I had doctors blowing me off as if I was a hypochondriac, feeling horrible, but my blood work was good. Therefor I was a hypochondriac. One doctor actually got very agitated with me because I was trying to brainstorm and figure out what was actually wrong with me, when they said: “Nothing is wrong with you, your blood work is fine.”

My very non-medical opinion: Get rid of the chemicals in your life and at the minimum, you will feel better.

As with my coconut allergies, chemicals are in everything! Your environment is toxic. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are released from everything such as: the paint on your walls, the furniture and even your clothing. Under Products I have compiled an eight page $1.00 download that will give you a quick guide on what you need to do to get as chemical free as possible. From your food, water, air, what you use to cook with and a small list of some of the main chemicals we come across daily – especially the grocery store. There are a million chemicals in use out there. I don’t feel I’m over exaggerating when I say a million.

As of 2017, we still do not have proper labeling on our food. Labeling that will tell us exactly what is in it. Companies hide their chemicals behind words like “Artificial Flavor” & “Natural Flavor”. Numerous chemicals, including GMO’s are hidden behind these words. If you are allergic to pesticides then you are allergic to GMO's. Those words "Artificial Flavor" can also contain a dozen different chemicals. If you are allergic to specific chemicals and not others, how will you know if you can eat something that has "Artificial Flavor" listed in its ingredients? You won't and trying to find out exactly what they are is pretty much impossible.

Please feel free to comment and add any information you know about Chemicals & Chemical free products. Just a first name or initials and click comment as guest. I don't store anyone's personal info and I won't be emailing you trying to push someones product on you.