Allergic To Coconut - Soaps & Shampoos


Finding out you are allergic to coconut is very overwhelming and very challenging. Coconut is in everything. My allergist office didn’t really have too much to offer me, other then politely saying you’re screwed. Coconut is in everything and there are so many derivatives it becomes a very frustrating challenge. This is my main reason for creating a quick reference guide or chart for Coconut to help people out. Under products you will find a $1.00 download that will give you eight pages of what to be aware of, some things that might work for you and some substitutes that might help, along with three pages of coconut derivatives. When I first found out I was allergic to coconut, I was searching all over the Internet, going from blog to blog and one website to the next. I was compiling as much information as I could to assist me. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. I tried to compile as much information as possible into a short guide. It’s just something I wish I had when I found out I was allergic to coconut.

Let's get started on some items that might be helpful for you. These are a few that I use on a regular basis and some that I use as intervals. I found that using something for a couple days and then changing it out for something else for another few days is very helpful for all my sensitivities. 

Please check out Country Rose Soap Company, they are located in Canada. I have been using them for a few years now, their Castile Organic Natural Handmade Soap Unscented is always found in my home.

Their Natural Shampoo has four different scents and an unscented shampoo. I have used the unscented, mint, and rose petal.

Country Rose Soap Company's liquid Castile Shampoo's are Coconut Oil Free & Gluten Free, they also contain no preservatives - meaning no chemicals.

Another location for handmade soaps is Etsy. I specifically go to Elegant Rose Boutique. This store has several different soaps that are coconut free. Be aware of all your allergies or sensitivities. I will usually ask any supplier what are all the ingredients used in their products. Sometimes they are just listing the main ingredients. This store owner has produced several different soaps due to the many allergies and sensitivities that people have. Essential oils are used in many, which is where I have to be careful. This is why I will use her soaps interchanging them with my very boring organic, unscented soap. 

Please feel free to comment and add any information you know about Coconut Free products. First name or initials and click comment as guest. I don't store anyone's personal info and I won't be emailing you trying to push someones product on you.