Welcome to my Allergic World


My name is Linda and for most of my life I have been rather healthy. In my thirties I started having more and more allergy issues, gaining weight while regularly working out, and generally just started feeling bad and achy all over. Doctors had no real answers. They only wanted to keep giving me medication, which I kept having a reaction to. It would start out okay, and at first I would get 10 to 12 months out of a new medication. Then it kept getting shorter and shorter. A drug might last me 3 or 4 days before I reacted. I later realized that the main reaction I was having had been to a coconut derivate that was wrapped around so many drugs, prescription and over the counter.

Photo by kgtoh/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by kgtoh/iStock / Getty Images

I started this website and assembled some quick reference guides to help others in my same predicament. Hoping to cut your research time down and start working on what is making you itch or just feel bad. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was relieved because an actual doctor validated my level of pain. However, I’m absolutely positive this is not what I have. My level of pain is not even close to what it was 7 to 10 years ago. But, getting this diagnosis off my chart will be an act of congress. What I do have are some pretty nasty allergies to some very common chemicals, along with other allergies and food sensitivities.

There is no short cut. It might be a long journey and I’m still not at the end of mine. I just wanted to get some of this information out. Doctors still aren’t having real conversations with their patients and when I say real conversations, I mean actually asking the patient what is bothering them. Investigating by asking additional questions without being so condescending. When I see a doctor get agitated, I stop talking. They appear to get highly offended that you questioned their knowledge or skills. I don’t feel like I’m questioning their knowledge, I flat out want their knowledge. I want them to share their knowledge with me.

I don’t think there is a clear-cut answer for everyone. You might fall into one of four categories, but still have special circumstances or needs within that category. All you have to do is this (fill in the blank). I scream internally when I hear this, because, if all you had to do were this or that, I would have had all this under control 13 years ago.