Food Sensitivities

This is what I am now currently working on. While I feel a hundred times better then I did 7 to 10 years ago, I’m still not feeling great and I’m still not loosing weight. I still break out, I still have headaches, and my body still aches. Mind you, it’s nowhere near the level it was 7 to 10 years ago. Evidently, food sensitivities act somewhat similar to chemical allergies, they can take days to react. Making it even harder for you to figure out what you are reacting to.  Sometimes it comes down to money. Insurance plans do not offer a lot in the way of a reputable nutritionist. Most insurance plans also do not cover the ALCAT blood test, which is a good way to look at things that might be affecting you, that you aren’t actually allergic too. Then you have doctors that don’t really agree or understand what the ALCAT blood test is or why you can’t just go to weight watchers and loose weight. Weight Watchers is a wonderful program, but if you have allergies or sensitivities, taking calories away isn’t going to help you specifically loose weight, when you are eating all the wrong foods – no matter how healthy they are. So I’m struggling to find out what is actually bothering me. I’ve been pulling out all the common triggers such as: soy, dairy, and gluten. Sometimes I just forget what I’m doing, because I’m so use to doing it one way. But, because I’ve been pulling these out, I now realize that gluten can actually give me some pretty nasty headaches along with some rashes. Every time I go on a little gluten binge – I deeply regret it.